Alex Few

Alex grew up outside of Houston, Texas, where the suburbs meet cattle country. She attended the University of Texas and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in biology. After completing a Ph.D. in neurophysiology at the University of Washington, Alex traded a microscope for binoculars and began working to recover a population of federally endangered bighorn sheep with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. Her passion for the mountains and interest in conserving wild spaces fueled this career transition. During her 6 years of experience as the bighorn sheep biologist for the Sierra Nevada Bighorn Sheep Recovery Program, she navigated changing wilderness boundaries, sensitive predator control policies, and delicate relationships with local ranchers. Through this experience, she grew to love the challenges that arise at the intersection of wildlife conservation and management. 

She is now employed by Wildlife Services in Montana where she has been working with State Director John Steuber to make tools for human-wildlife conflict prevention more readily accessible to ranching communities.