Andrew Stein

Dr. Andrew Stein grew up in Massachusetts with a particular interest in wildlife, culture and negotiating coexistence. He has studied large carnivores outside of protected areas for 18 years across East and Southern Africa. He was a research assistant studying African wild dogs on ranches in Laikipia Kenya before starting his PhD through the University of Massachusetts on leopard ecology and conservation on Namibian Farmlands. For his dissertation he explored the economic considerations of maintaining leopards on commercial livestock farms. Following his PhD, Dr. Stein ran a remote field station in Northern Botswana studying the large carnivore guild with the Botswana Predator Conservation Trust. During this program coordinated research on lions, leopards, cheetahs, spotted hyenas and wild dogs while developing a community conservation program with a partner village.  Recently Dr. Stein founded the CLAWS Conservancy, a non-profit focused on developing innovative approaches to promote human-wildlife coexistence. CLAWS' flagship program, Pride in Our Prides, focuses on promoting holistic rangeland management practices for ecosystem health and livestock protection and establishing an alert system when collared lions approach partner villages.

Dr. Stein is a member of the IUCN Cat Specialist Group, African Lion Working Group, was the lead author on the IUCN Red List Status Update for Leopards and co-authored 17 peer reviewed manuscripts. He is currently exploring the implementation of an alert system for wolves and the use of scent marks as a deterrent in Montana.