Bison Hunt Terms


Must be 18 years of age or older.  

Harvest Dates:

The opportunity to harvest a bison is restricted to an assigned period during the months of November or December 2019. Recipients will be assigned a block of consecutive calendar days.  Weeks including Thanksgiving and Christmas will not be assigned. If the harvest recipient is unable to commit to the assigned dates, they lose the opportunity to harvest.


Failing to adhere to these rules may result in forfeiture of harvest opportunity or confiscation of harvested animal and ineligibility to participate in future bison harvest opportunities. The recipient shall be liable for any damages to property resulting from failure to adhere to these rules. 

  • Pursuit of bison may only occur in areas designated on unit map that will be provided to harvest recipients. View Map.

  • Harvest success is not guaranteed.

  • Recipients will be assigned consecutive days in November or December 2018 in which to attempt to harvest a bison.

  • Bison harvest is restricted to one bison less than 2 years in age.

  • The harvest recipient is responsible for accurately identifying the age and sex of the bison before shooting a bison.

  • Shooting is only permitted from ½ hour before sunrise up to a ½ hour after sunset.

  • Lead-free bullets are required. Bullets must be 150 grain or larger.

  • Archery weapons are not allowed.

  • Harvest recipient and any person with the recipient must wear hunter orange.

  • Vehicles permitted only on designated roads. No off-road motorized travel. Game carts, sleds, and/or pack animals are permitted for retrieval.

  • Do not harvest a bison with a pink ear tag. These bison are part of research study and cannot be consumed.

  • Do not harvest a bison with any ear tag. These animals are too old to be harvested, and are part of ongoing research.

  • The harvest recipient is required to field dress and pack out the harvested bison. After field dressing, harvest recipient is required to open the rumen and spread the contents.

  • Bison are very large and difficult to field-dress. Harvest recipients are responsible for safely killing, dressing, and packing out the harvested bison.

  • No wanton waste. All 4 quarters and the edible portions along the spine (loins and hump) must be removed.

  • Harvest recipients are required to view this Montana Fish & Wildlife Parks Bison Hunting Video- The video provides information on bison hunting and tips for success in the field before and after the shot. Information specific to the Greater Yellowstone Area is not applicable. APR bison herd is brucellosis free.

  • Harvest recipients must check-in with APR Reserve staff before accessing the property to review orientation packet, confirm bison harvest permission, and verify compliance with rules set forth.

  • Harvest recipients must check-out with APR Reserve staff to verify age and sex of harvested animal.

Helpful Information 

Field dressing a bison is difficult work and recipients should plan accordingly. We recommend bringing assistance to field dress and pack out the bison. We highly recommend using an outfitter. Though only the recipient may harvest the bison, they may bring other people to assist with field dressing and carry out.

  • A Field Guide to Plains Bison - This is a valuable resource to age and sex bison in the field any time of the year.

  • Tips on Shooting a bison -

  • Local Meat Processors. Please call ahead to ensure space and time availability.

  • Smith's Wild Game Cutting 406-673-3296

  • Local Hunting Outfitters

  • Blue Heaven Ranch (406) 673-3902

  • Lance Johnson (406) 788-0124

  • Please view APR website for helpful resources: Visiting American Prairie Reserve

If you have additional questions, please email