Curt Pate

For more than a decade, Curt Pate has conducted demonstrations and clinics on stockmanship, colt starting and ranch horsemanship throughout North America and Europe. A nationally recognized stockmanship instructor, Pate teaches techniques on how to put the proper pressure on cattle at a different angle and at varying amounts. These techniques help to comfortably move cattle, without a negative experience for the stockman or the livestock.

“Sometimes you cannot see pressure or understand its effects until it has created a problem. When you force cattle to go into a pen, they may get excited, go on the fight, and become dangerous or very difficult to work. Negative pressure creates stress, positive pressure creates contentment,” Pate says. 

An avid environmentalist, Pate is passionate about grazing animals to improve the environment and to contribute to a profitable farm business.

“We need to utilize the Earth’s resources in a way that works like a good ranch, combining Mother Nature with technology, then adding common sense and integrity. With the growing public scrutiny of livestock production, improving our livestock handling practices will help the sustainability of the cattle industry,” Pate says.

Featured in many programs on RFD-TV, such as NCBA’S Cattlemen to Cattleman, Pate currently travels the U.S. as the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association’s leading spokesperson on cattle handling. He is also the co-author of the book, Ranch Horsemanship, published by The Western Horseman, and had a cameo role and served as a consultant on the 1998 Robert Redford film, The Horse Whisperer.