John Steuber

John Steuber grew up on a dairy farm in south‑central Wisconsin. He is currently the State Director/Supervisory Wildlife Biologist for the USDA APHIS Wildlife Services Program in Montana. John received his B.S. degree in Biology & Wildlife Management at the University of Wisconsin‑Stevens Point. He received an M.S. degree graduate fellowship from Texas A&M University where he studied American alligators on the coastal bend of Texas. John worked as a wildlife technician for the BLM in Wyoming & Utah, the U.S. Forest Service in Colorado, & the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service in Minnesota & Texas. He also worked as a wildlife biologist for the AP Ranch & Dresser Industries in Texas. He began his career with Wildlife Services in 1987 & has worked in Texas, Washington state, California, Oklahoma, & Montana as well as temporary duty assignments in Hawaii, South Dakota, Maryland, & Washington, D.C. He spends his spare time backpacking, hunting and fishing.