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Kim Johnston

Kim was born in Whitefish, MT, and grew up in various national parks throughout Montana, California, and Arizona.   She graduated from Montana State University with a bachelor’s degree in Fish and Wildlife Management and is currently living in Dillon, MT, working for People & Carnivores as a Field Project Manager for the High Divide.   Kim is working with local communities, landowners, ranchers, recreationists, and various agencies on the ground to find ways to reduce conflicts with large carnivores.   

Prior to joining People and Carnivores, Kim was working on the eastern Rocky Mountain Front as a bear management technician with Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks.  Tasked with minimizing conflicts between humans and grizzly bears, Kim encouraged the use of prevention tools such as electric fences, acoustic deterrents, and livestock guardian dogs.  She also built fences; assisted in guiding better livestock management practices; promoted and taught people how to use bear spray; and gave demonstrations to school, hunting, community, and wilderness groups.

In addition to her work experience, Kim has been a long-time volunteer on various wildlife related projects and has traveled on conservation-related visits to Alaska, Canada, South America, and South Africa to observe wildlife and better understand how people in different areas are coexisting with large carnivores and other wildlife.