Larry Feight

Larry Feight spent 37 years training and working with contractors, ranchers, private citizens and government agencies to properly build New Zealand style electric fence. Since 1982, he has continued his education on the use, design and construction of electric fencing. He built his first fence in 1982 for the Golden Sunlight Mine to keep cattle out of the mine site. In 1987 he created High Country Ag. Marketing to support the electric fence industry in Montana, Idaho and Wyoming. He trained both private and public personnel to properly construct electric fence using the best, state-of-the-art resources available from the private sector. In 2012, he was recruited by former Governor Schweitzer to design an electric fence on the Fort Peck Indian Reservation. He spent the summer of 2015 with Bering Pacific Ranches west of Dutch Harbor, Alaska, building electric fence to hold cattle for shipment to the US and Canada. Twice he assisted the legislature to amend the existing Montana fence law to include a 3-wire high tensile fence as a legal boundary fence. Before retiring as a Territory Manager, Feight’s accomplishments included building and designing electric fence for rattlesnakes, elephants in Africa, elk, bison, and deer. He also designed fences to separate grizzly and black bears from livestock, bees and people. He consulted with IGBC and MTDC to create the Food Storage Act. Now semi-retired as a distributor, Feight focuses on working with his pack mules and a team of driving mules. His bucket list includes traveling to see every Forest Service cabin in the Bob Marshall Complex of which there are 26 and he’s checked off 15 so far.