Malou Anderson

Malou is a Montana native, raised on her now 4th generation working family ranch, neighboring Yellowstone Park from the north. After completing schooling at MSU, she started her career in behavioral sciences in California and then in Texas. In 2011, the ranch called her home to gain more knowledge and experience in the regenerative agriculture model while deepening her life-long relationship with wild landscapes. She attended a Ranching For Profit School in 2012 when she was Land & Livestock Supervisor at B Bar Ranch. The course emphasized holistic range management and it changed her agricultural ‘paradigm’ after growing up on a conventional ranch. In 2013, she cofounded the Tom Miner Basin Association with her sister in law, Hilary Zaranek. The Association’s work centers around supporting shared landscapes, conflict prevention, and preserving the positive traditions of the rural way of life by enhancing rural community support and connectedness. She is currently working on a conflict prevention method involving technology on the landscape which includes microchipping cattle in predator-dense country to create cost-effective, real-time solutions for livestock producers dealing with the real challenge of livestock depredations as well as wildlife biologists and conservationists worldwide. She and her husband, Andres, are busily and happily raising their two young girls on the ranch. Together, they custom graze grass-fed cattle and run a small ranch-based guest rental business.