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Sanjiv Fernando

Sanjiv Fernando is the Research Associate for RESOLVE’s Biodiversity and Wildlife Solutions program. At RESOLVE, he focuses on developing and applying technology and innovative solutions to field conservation challenges. He currently manages the organization’s innovative conservation projects, which target the reduction of poaching and human-wildlife conflict. These include: TrailGuard – a revolutionary anti-poaching camera system; LionShield – a real-time technology to prevent livestock depredation and subsequent human-carnivore conflict; and the Tembo-Pilipili project – a community-based initiative to prevent crop-raiding and foster human-elephant coexistence in Tanzania. Sanjiv also assists with data analysis, geospatial analysis, and map production for global conservation planning efforts.

Sanjiv attended Clark University where he earned a B.A. in Environmental Science and an M.S. in Environmental Science & Policy. During his graduate and undergraduate studies, he conducted pioneering research on human-leopard conflict in his native Sri Lanka, and evaluated the success of non-lethal strategies to prevent livestock depredations in communities bordering protected areas..