A Free Conference for Agricultural Producers

Jan. 23, 2019


4:00 to 6:00 PM
Registration opens at the Yogo Inn.


6:00 PM
Social gathering and live music begins at the grand ballroom of the Eagles Club. Enjoy beverages, hamburgers and hot dogs courtesy of Strauss. Dance to live music from Bridger Creek Boys.


Schedule subject to change. Each session features an extended question and answer period at the end.

Thursday – Jan. 24, 2019


9:00 AM


Clint Loomis, Retired Teacher, Artist and City Commissioner

9:45 AM

Conflict Reduction Practices

Panel Moderator Chris Johns, Program Leader, Beyond Yellowstone
Former Editor-in-Chief, National Geographic

Speakers & Panelists:

Cole Mannix, Western Landowners Alliance
Malou Anderson, Tom Miner Association
Larry Feight, High Country Ag. Marketing

10:45 AM

Morning Break

11:00 AM

Economics of Living with Wildlife

Panel Moderator P.J. Hill of PERC (Property and Environment Research Center)

Speakers & Panelists:

Curt Freese, Independent Researcher & Ecologist
Zach Jones, Yellowstone Grassfed
Janna Long, Wild Sky
Walker Milhoan, Ranchlogs
Ann Kolthoff, Strauss

12:30 PM


1:45 PM

Concurrent sessions begin.


Living with Wild Ungulates

Moderator: Zach Jones, Yellowstone Grassfed

Julie Golla, Fish Wildlife & Parks
Scott Heidebrink, American Prairie Reserve
Lance Johnson, Wild Sky


Conflict Prevention Tools for Living with Predators

Moderator: Erin Edge and Russ Talmos
Defenders of Wildlife

Daniel Kinka
, National Geographic Technology Fellow
and American Prairie Reserve
Jay Shepard, Wildlife Biologist
Arron Scotten, Rancher – Northeastern Washington
Eric Graham, Blackfoot Challenge
Kim Johnston, People & Carnivores
Trina Jo Bradley, Rancher Dupuyer MT
Ty Smucker, Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks


Open Forum: Education, Communities, Sustainability, & Agriculture

Moderator: Bruce Maxwell, Montana Institute on Ecosystems, MSU
P.J. Hill, PERC
Lance B. McNew
, Dept. of Animal & Range Sciences, MSU
Michelle Downey, Yale University, Ucross Foundation
Randy Carpenter, Future West

3:00 PM

Afternoon Break

3:15 PM

New concurrent sessions begin.


Technology for Ranching and Wildlife Conflict Mitigation

Moderator: Sanjiv Fernando, RESOLVE
Daniel Kinka, National Geographic Technology Fellow
and American Prairie Reserve
Andrew Stein, National Geographic Explorer,
CLAWS Conservancy, and Landmark College
Walker Milhoan, Ranchlogs
Shoshanah Tischler, Vulcan Inc.
David Gadsden, Environmental Systems Research Institute
Henrik Barner Rasmussen, Savannah Tracking


Marketing Your Livestock for Sustainability

Moderator: Laura Huggins, American Prairie Reserve and Wild Sky
Tony Malmberg, Ranchers Management Company
Zack Jones
, Yellowstone Grassfed
Ann Kolthoff, Strauss
Janna Long, Wild Sky


Living With Bears

Moderators: Trina Jo Bradley, Rancher Dupuyer MT
Kim Johnston, People & Carnivores

Rae Wynn Grant, National Geographic Society Fellow
Kyran Kunkel, American Prairie Reserve
Malou Anderson, Tom Miner Association
Jeff Bectell, Alberta rancher and Waterton Biosphere Reserve
Andrea Morehouse, Waterton Biosphere Reserve
Russ Talmo, Defenders of Wildlife
Eric Graham, Blackfoot Challenge

4:30 PM

Evening Break

5:30 PM

Social Hour

6:30 PM

Dinner & Presentation

Stockmanship & Stewardship – Curt Pate, Montana Stockman

Friday – Jan. 25, 2019


9:00 AM

Building Community Partnerships for Living With Wildlife

Kris Inman, WCS Community Partnerships
Karin Vardama, Defenders of Wildlife

9:45 AM

Similarities and Differences Between Conflicts in the
Developing World and the Developed World

Panel Host Tanya Rosen, a National Geographic Explorer

Erik Kalsta, Big Hole Rancher
Andy Boyce & Hila Shamoon, Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute's (SCBI) Conservation Ecology Center
Diana Hadley, Northern Jaguar Project
Andrew Stein, National Geographic Explorer, CLAWS Conservancy, and Landmark College

10:30 AM

Morning Break

10:45 AM

Case Studies of Rancher, Agency and NGO Cooperative Projects; What's Working, What's Not and How Can We Do Better and How Do We Pay for It

Moderator: Diane Boyd, Montana Fish Wildlife & Parks

Case Study 1: Range riders for wolves and bears in northwest Montana

Joe Purdy, Purdy Ranch, Eureka MT
Erin Edge, Defenders of Wildlife, Montana

Case Study 2: Northeast Washington wolf-cattle collaborative

Jay Shepard, Wildlife Biologist
Arron Scotten
, Rancher–Northeastern Washington

Case Study 3: Waterton Biosphere Reserve grizzly project

Jeff Bectell, Alberta Rancher and Waterton Biosphere Reserve
Andrea Morehouse, Waterton Biosphere Reserve

11:50 AM

Closing Remarks


Living With Wildlife Conference Conclusion


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