Tony Malmberg

Tony Malmberg is a third-generation rancher. He has received many honors from agricultural organizations and environmental and wildlife interests, including the National Environmental Stewardship Award from the National Cattlemen’s Association. Tony demonstrates profitable ecological land use that adds value to his community.

As founder and president of Ranchers Management Company, Tony managed ranch properties and consulted for individual ranches in the western United States for nearly twenty years.

Tony owned and operated Twin Creek Ranch, south of Lander, Wyoming, for 31 years. The ranch served as a laboratory for master’s theses and other academic studies concerning the interaction of properly managed grazing and sage grouse habitat, wildlife friendly fence and migration, riparian habitat and migratory songbird population.

Tony has been a practitioner of Holistic Management for over thirty years and has supervised the implementation of Holistic Management on ranches in Wyoming, South Dakota, Montana, Oregon, and Hawaii. Tony and his wife, Andrea, sold their Wyoming ranch in 2009. They used the “Holistic Decision Making Framework” in selecting northeastern Oregon and now ranch in Union County Oregon. They raise Beyond Organic Beef: Grown to Enhance the Land that Creates it and the People who Enjoy it.

Living with and learning about salmon and their habitat provided key criteria for their ranch search. They have leased some of their water rights to The Freshwater Trust for Steelhead and Chinook Salmon habitat. Tony is delighted to contract with The Freshwater Trust in flow restoration work, where he helps ranchers better manage their irrigation resource to supply salmon habitat.