Trina Jo Bradley

Trina Jo Bradley grew up on a cattle ranch on the East Front of the Rocky Mountains, near Dupuyer, between Glacier Park and Great Falls, MT. Her childhood consisted of freely roaming the creek-bottom ranch, riding horses, working cows and putting up hay with the crew.

After earning an Associate of Science degree in Agri-Business from Casper College, she married Peter Bradley and moved to Birch Creek, about ten miles north of her childhood home, on the edge of the Blackfeet Indian Reservation. They and their ten year old daughter, Kadence, run their second generation ranch, where they raise Angus cattle, quarter horses and hay.

Raising her daughter they way she was raised was Trina's goal - but Kadence doesn't get to roam the ranch. Kadence doesn't even get to leave the yard alone. Because of the every-increasing population of grizzly bears that continue to move eastward onto the Plains, Kadence is afraid to even play outside by herself.

Trina's passion has been to promote and protect agriculture for her own and future generations. But more and more of her time is spent trying to educate and convince those who manage grizzly bears of what it's really like to live and work with an apex predator living on your property - what it's like to try to protect your child and your livestock from the constant threat that these bears pose.

She has nearly 40 years of front-row-seat experience, and works tirelessly to find a solution to dealing with these bears, which starts with getting them delisted and strictly managed when/if they become a problem.

Trina is Vice-President of the Marias River Livestock Association, an ag organization that she has represented for several years at Northern Continental Divide Ecosystem and Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee meetings held in the state.

She also serves as District 1 Director for Montana CattleWomen, as well as President of the North Country CattleWomen.