Ty Smucker

Ty Smucker is a Wolf Management Specialist with Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks, responsible for monitoring and managing wolves in North-Central Montana, east of the Continental Divide. 

Ty grew up working on the family farm and businesses and at a local veterinary clinic in eastern Pennsylvania. He headed west to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Biology at Northland College, in northern Wisconsin, just as wolves began dispersing into the area from Minnesota. As a member of Northland’s first Wolf Research Team, Ty and other students helped biologists with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources monitor recolonizing wolves by conducting snow tracking and howling surveys and using telemetry equipment to track radio-collared wolves.

With his interested peaked in studying predators and predator-prey interactions, Ty worked on various wildlife research and monitoring projects including studies of introduced predators (e.g. mongoose, cats, and rats) and their effects on native birds in the Hawaiian Islands, Canada lynx and their prey in the Seeley-Swan Valley of Montana, spectacled bears in the Ecuadorian Andes, and wolves in Minnesota, Yellowstone National Park, and Montana.  Ty has lived in Montana for over 20 years and has been involved in monitoring wolves for over 15 years.  He completed his Master’s in Wildlife Biology at the University of Montana in 2007.  As a wildlife professional, Ty is most interested in understanding predator-prey interactions, monitoring and managing populations, and resolving human-wildlife conflicts.