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Zachary Jones

Zach Jones grew up on Twodot, his family’s central Montana cattle ranch on the windy plains beneath the Crazy Mountains near Harlowton. Growing up, he didn’t know that he’d continue with traditions and become a rancher himself, but he did. No longer working day to day on ranches, he works with ranchers, owners, and the industry with ideas, exploring ways to affect change together. 

His father began practicing Holistic Management on the ranch in the early 1980’s. When Zach returned to his ranch after university, he began the 5th generation of family management. 

In 2009, with a core team of people, Zach co-founded Savory Institute and Grasslands LLC. Grassland LLC allocated capital investment into holistically managed land-based enterprises, including ranches in Montana, New Mexico, South Dakota, Hawaii, Florida, and New Zealand. The most significant take-away from these experiences is that the relationships people have with each other, their ideas, and their place (community and land) are the most important dynamics to actually “ranch” (tend and nurture). He's now furthering these learnings with the Diamond Cross Ranch, near Birney, Montana.

Also in 2009, he co-founded Yellowstone Grassfed Beef, a Montana-based company selling beef raised and processed in Montana. YGB is small by industry standards (approximately 400 head per year) but very specific to its context and community.

Shannon, his wife, and Scotland and River, his daughters, currently live in Bozeman, Montana.